About Handsock

Cuddly newborn babies have the tendency to claw and scratch at their adorable faces leaving parents and caretakers frazzled and understandably concerned. The Handsock is a soft and all-natural solution made from organic bamboo that leaves your baby's precious face unscathed giving you peace of mind. Our patented design won't cut off your baby's circulation and stays on all night. No baby should be without a pair of Handsocks.

A Message From the Founder

When my baby boy Joshua was born, he came out swinging and ultimately ended up scratching his face with his razor sharp nails so I regularly had to clip his tiny fingernails. Well, after almost accidentally clipping his fingertips off, I was desperate to find a pair of baby mittens to prevent him from scarring his delicate face.

After discovering there wasn't such a product on the market, I put a pair of socks on his hands, but that just didn't look right. So I grabbed a sewing kit (even though I'm no Martha Stewart!) and created the Handsock by combining a pair of socks with mittens. The Handsock stayed on all night and my boy didn't scratch his face any more! At that moment, I knew that the Handsock was something every mother NEEDED to have.

And that's how the Handsock was born.

Our team at Handsock pours positive energy, love and blessings into each pair of Handsocks so that your baby will be safe and sound.

For every pair of Handsock purchased, we will donate part of the proceeds to feed hungry children worldwide. This is our way of giving back.

We are the hand that helps tiny hands.

Peace and blessings,

Esther Kimm

Panda The Protector

When choosing a symbol to represent the Handsock, I gravitated towards the Panda for several reasons.

It takes a Panda 7 years to have a baby. I identified with the Panda because it took us 7 long years before we were able to conceive.

Mother Pandas protect their babies by cuddling and nursing them for at least 18 months. Pandas only eat bamboo, a natural plant that grows in the mountains of China and is used to create other goods including clothing.

In ancient times, Pandas were believed to have magical powers that could ward off natural disasters and evil spirits. As a result, the Panda was a natural choice to symbolize our product.

Providing protection and peace is at the heart of every pair of Handsocks.  

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